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[  Our Siding Contractors Will Give Your Home a Makeover ]

Siding is one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make to your home. Besides the improved style and increased curb appeal, siding can help with your home’s insulation, saving you money on your monthly heating and cooling expenses. It also requires little-to-no maintenance for an investment that will last for roughly two decades. At Ackmen Construction, our siding contractors can install brand new siding on your home, giving it the perfect look you have always wanted.


Available in a wide range of colors, siding gives you nearly unlimited versatility in choosing the right look. Our experienced siding contractors have worked with houses of all shapes and sizes in Depew, Lancaster, and Buffalo, NY, so we can get even the most oddly-shaped homes properly sided for a perfect, professional look. Whether you need repairs made to your current siding, or you want to give your home a full facelift, we can get the job done with an unmatched level of quality. Call our siding contractors to discuss your siding project today!
Siding on a Buffalo, NY house

[ Siding is Our Craft ]

Ackmen Construction is Buffalo grown. We know that as much as we all love Western New York, the winters here can really beat up on our homes, especially the siding. Just how a car seems to age more quickly in Buffalo, the same is true with the exterior of a house. Ackmen Construction has the siding options to not only preserve your home from Buffalo weather, but to make your home look brand new in the process.

Siding Repairs

Siding that breaks, comes loose, or deteriorates in one place can quickly spread to the rest of the exterior of your house. If you see any of the below problems with the siding on your Buffalo, Lancaster, or Depew, NY home, it is important that you call an expert siding contractor right away, before your siding repairs turn into gutter repairs, roof repairs, full siding installation, and even problems with the interior of your home.
  • Loose Siding - Loose siding is a potential vulnerability to the interior and exterior of your home. If you catch a problem like this early, you have nothing to worry about. If allowed to get worse, it is likely you will have a leak, and the siding can come loose, break, and spread to the rest of your siding. 
  • Split, Broken, or Twisted Siding - A leak is likely; a more serious leak can occur if not repaired quickly. Have this repaired right away before it turns into a much more expensive job.
  • Sagging Rows - This is likely the result of inexperience and mistakes by the previous siding installer or contractor. They didn’t follow the nail pattern correctly. Like the previous issues, this will cause a leak if not corrected early on.
  • Loose or Pulling Nails - In Buffalo, this is a common result of harsh weather or moisture. The siding materials may need to be replaced. You should definitely call a siding contractor if you see this to be the case.
Once a leak has occurred from any number of the above issues, it’s still not too late. Call Ackmen Construction to repair the siding and any damage the leak may have done to your home, before much more serious problems, like wood rot, occur.

Siding Installation

Siding installation is our passion and our specialty. You will be amazed at how different and brand new your home looks after Ackmen Construction installs new siding on your home. Whether you are replacing old siding because it is old or damaged, or because you want a remodel, the end result will be the same: a gorgeous home that you and your neighbors will barely recognize. 

At Ackmen Construction, we have a wide variety of colors, types, and materials of siding. Whatever you have in mind for your home, our siding contractors would be proud to install it for you. We’re not just contractors, we’re roofing and siding craftsmen, and our motto is that we would never install a roof or siding that we would not be proud to have on our own home.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate and consultation, and we’ll either repair your current siding, or work with you to install a siding remodel that reflects your personal taste and design aesthetic. Not only does our siding add value to your home and increase your home’s curb appeal, but it is the reflection of the place you and your family want to live in and see every day. We take pride in delivering that to you as professionally and quickly as possible.
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